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Healthy neighborhoods mean strong schools

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The City is responsible for housing, recreation, public safety and providing opportunities for families in the City. 

Community Center

Our youth need a place to go afterschool. Families need a place to connect with resources and opportunities.


Connect our schools, families, and the surrounding community.  Education should extend beyond the classroom and focus on youth development, family support, health and social services, and community development, enrichment opportunities, mental health services, family support and engagement, early childhood and adult education.

Gang Prevention

Credible Messenger Program matches youth with a mentor. These mentors are people who have been involved with the criminal justice system. They help provide guidance and opportunity for young people.


Credible messengers are deeply rooted in the community and are able to interrupt violence and de-escalate tension before it becomes violent. 

Digital Divide

There are federal and state funds available to municipalities to invest in infrastructure which includes digital access. The Allentown School District was the last in the region to provide remote learning opportunities to its students.


The City needs to:

  • Form a committee, that will then develop and submit a plan on how funds will be utilized.

  • Make all city buildings and parks hotspots 

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