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Jobs & Opportunity 

People deserve good paying jobs and to live with dignity

Jobs for Allentown 

80% of people working in Allentown don't live in Allentown. For this to change, we must put systems in place to provide access and opportunities for residents. 

Adopting a "First Source Hiring" Policy will ensure that Allentown residents get the first opportunity to apply for employment in the City. 


We can help companies by hosting Allentown Only Job Fairs and waiving the encroachment permit fee so that businesses can set up tables outside for on-the-spot interviews.

Passing the "Minority Contractor" legislation ensures that small businesses of color have an opportunity to get contracts with the City. 

Small Business

Provide a Clear Pathway

From selling limbers (Puerto Rican Icee) on the porch, to designing t-shirts and producing music-there's a strong entrepreneurial spirit in our neighborhoods. The City needs to provide a pathway for people turn side their side hustles and passions into small businesses.

Encourage Entrepreneurship

People need opportunities to scale up their businesses. The City can help people scale up their businesses by:

  • Providing maker spaces for people to create, invent and collaborate

  • Establish vendor markets in high traffic areas

  • Allow for more flexibility in policies for food trucks, street vending and entertainment

A black woman standing in a grocery store

Support Workers

People shouldn't have to work two and three jobs breaking their backs just to barely survive.

Ce-Ce will always stand with workers fighting to unionize. She supports setting a $15 per hour minimum wage for all part-time, contracted and full-time City employees.

Ce-Ce supports pro-worker ordinances, including:

  • fair work week

  • wage theft

  • paid sick days

  • domestic worker bill of rights


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