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Public Safety

Prevent Crime by Investing in People

Invest in People

The best way to make our communities safer is by investing resources in people. Allentown needs good jobs, good schools and healthcare

Address the root causes of violence. Invest in healthcare, housing, education, and supportive services. When people’s basic needs are met, our communities are safer. 

Provide more tools 

Pair the right responder with the right emergency

We need police to respond to violent crime. Police cannot be the answer to every kind of societal issue. They are not mental health experts, or addiction specialists, or housing coordinators.

Police officers are asked to do too much in terms of social services where other professionals could fill in the gaps such as social workers or mental healthcare professionals. 


Police respond to crime after its already happened. We can prevent crime by investing in people and programs that work. 

It's time to focus on prevention instead of punishment.  Certified Credible Messengers interrupt violence and de-escalate tension before it becomes violent. 


Credible Messenger Violence Prevention (2023 Budget)

Gun Violence Reduction Initiative Grant (Bill 2)

Fire Academy Public Safety Training and Emergency Operations Center( Bill 80)

Upgrades and repairs on the Police Academy Bldg.(Bill 40)

Renovations to Public Safety Building (Bill 93)

Equipment and supplies for EMS (Bills 3, 22, 45, 59, 64, 73, 85, R109)

Purchased 3 new ambulances (Bill 70 & Bill 1)

Gun Violence Investigation & Prosecution (R147) 

Remove incarceration for unpaid parking tickets (Bill 92)

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