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Invest in Neighborhoods

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Our neighborhoods are the glue that hold Allentown together. Redlining and economic isolation still effect us today. Residents struggle to obtain financing to repair or purchase aging properties. Current homeowners are too often at risk of foreclosure.  Too many rental units are poorly maintained. Much of the housing in Allentown is substandard. Entire buildings of families are made homeless when a slumlord fails to keep up their property resulting in a "red tag"

Go after slumlords

Code Enforcement

Implement Point System with a focus on problem landlords with multiple properties. Institute progressive fines and consequences for repeat offenders

Stop Them 

Refuse permits or new rental licenses to slumlords

Enforce the Law

The Neighborhood Blight Reclamation and Revitalization Act allows Allentown to go after landlords assets. This allows for:

  • Placing a lien against the personal assets of a property owner severe violation of a building codes or is a public nuisance. 

  • Taking a slumlord to court, to seek judgment against their assets

Out of State Landlords

  • Extradite out-of-state property owners back to Pennsylvania to be charged with violations 

Fix up Abandoned Properties

Land Bank

The Redevelopment Authority acquires vacant properties and puts them into productive use which can include affordable housing, homeownership opportunities or community assets like garden or parking lots

Homes in Allentown are old, which mean they need critical expensive repairs more often. Drafty homes means higher energy bills. Residents are breathing in mold, asbestos and unhealthy air which contributes affects their health and leads to missed days at school and work. 

Homeowners may be eligible for grants of up to $50,000 to repair, update, and adapt their homes. 

Renters can have their homes repaired and adapted, too. Small landlords can apply for up to $50,000 for each rental unit. 


Whole Home Repair

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