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Homeownership is the largest generator of wealth. Owning a home creates the opportunity for economic mobility and intergenerational wealth. The lack of access to homeownership exacerbates existing racial inequities. Homeownership stabilizes communities. Stable communities mean stable schools and safer streets.

Revitalize Vacant Properties

Land Bank

The Redevelopment Authority acquires vacant properties and puts them into productive use which can include affordable housing,  homeownership opportunities 

Provide Access 

Support organizations that provide pre-purchase counseling, credit repair down payment assistance​ and foreclosure prevention assistance

Build Community Wealth

Community Land Trusts


The Land Trust owns the land and leases it to a lower income homeowner who owns the physical building on the land. When the homeowner sells, they must do so to another lower-income person.


Land Trusts are made up of community residents, which provides for local control. 

Keep people in their homes


Homes in Allentown are old, which mean they need critical expensive repairs more often. Drafty homes means higher energy bills. Residents are breathing in mold, asbestos and unhealthy air which contributes affects their health and leads to missed days at school and work.


The City should promote and supplement the Whole Home Repair statewide legislation. Homeowners may be eligible for grants of up to $50,000 to repair, update, and adapt their homes. Renters can have their homes repaired and adapted, too. Small landlords can apply for up to $50,000 for each rental unit. 

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